Is chimney removal right for you?

Today’s homes have high efficiency furnaces and water tanks which do not require the use of a chimney. Other reasons you may consider chimney removal may be due to a leak, or simply the fact that your chimney stack is old and crumbling.

Old chimneys can be unsafe if they start to crumble, and they don’t look very attractive. Crumbling bricks could fall to the ground and injure someone. Old chimneys may also cause leaks or dampness which could lead to bigger problems inside the house. Taking care of your chimney is just as important as ensuring that your roof and attic have the proper ventilation.

Instead of spending money trying to maintain or re-build a chimney that is not in use, Ace Roofing Services Inc. can remove your old chimney for you. Once removed, we will repair and shingle over the area where your chimney once was. We will also remove the waste from your property.

Please visit our image gallery to view some of the before and after images of the Chimney Removals we have completed.

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Chimney Removal – Image Gallery

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