Ventilation for your home is a must.

Proper ventilation will extend the life of your roof and help reduce problems within your home.

During the cooler months when we keep our windows and doors closed, moisture is more likely to become trapped inside the attic. This may cause the insulation to become damp. If that happens, it won’t do its job very well, and you may find yourself turning up the heat. Keep your house warmer by simply ensuring that the proper ventilation is in place.

During the hotter months, vents will allow hot air and moisture to exit from the attic, and reduce the overall temperature inside your home. You’ll spend less money trying to keep your home cool.

Inadequate ventilation can contribute to increased energy costs, cause ice dams, and can also damage other roofing components. In serious cases, condensation could be mistaken for a leaky roof.

What is an ice dam?

An ice dam is a line of ice that forms at the edge of a roof due to changing temperatures during the day, as well as inconsistent temperatures throughout the attic and roof. It does not allow melting snow to drain off of the roof, and when the amount of water being held back becomes too great, it may leak inside and damage your ceilings, walls and other areas of your home. Vents allow for a more uniform temperature, therefore, reducing the likelihood of an ice dam formation.

You can find some excellent information on ice dams, here.

There are several styles of vents on the market. You can view our vents and turbines gallery to see some of the available options, then, feel free to give us a call to discuss proper ventilation for your home.

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